EDM -and German Underground-Pop

No subgenres and boarders required

Comin' from Punk/HC and Metal, always listened to Hip Hop, Electronic and always open minded to good music. 
I can't see any reason to restrict myself to one type of music

- Make Pop-Music relevant again -

Call my music what you want to but - raise your voice against fascism, racsim, sexism, nationalism, egoism, any kind of fundamentalism and live humantity by heart. 

Do it while steppin' to the rhythm of the MMC-Beat.

Latest Release - 

"Deine Lautsprecher" 

"Bis man beginnt den  Hass zu lieben (Vocal Edit)"

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Das Label, das Studio, das Ding. (Ja, hier geht's auf Deutsch weiter)

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Galery - Who's MMC?

You don't know Diddley? Never seen reptiloids? Are there any proofs for the globe? And who the f**k is MMC? For one of these questions, help is waiting. Click for photos of the flatearth ...

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